Travel with Heart. A small phrase with a big message. Life flies by us at mind blowing pace as we all fight to make a living, create a legacy and spend time doing what we love. Ask yourself: if money didn’t matter, what would I do? What was your answer? Buy a flashy car? Pay off all of your debt? Travel? We asked ourselves that same question. After entertaining some crazy ideas and sharing a good laugh we got serious. What would we do? What did we discover that we loved? Travel and volunteering. Let’s get real, we had bills to pay and couldn’t just quit our full time jobs and travel the country. There has to be a way to spend time doing what we loved to do. We decided, why wait till “retirement”. If that to us is living, why not start right now? What are we waiting for?That’s when we decided to put away the excuses and start to travel and give back at the same time, just do it smart.

We are starting with small trips to places that we have always wanted to see and while we are there we are going to give some of that time to a great cause in that area. We have plenty of experience in volunteering with non for profits such as Habitat for Humanity, Comfort Zone Camp, the American Cancer Society, Homeless Solutions and many others, but there are so many more causes in need of help. Follow us to see where we are going!