Resolving Information & Travel Solutions for People with Disabilities

We offer several services that include: Technology Training, Destination Evaluations, Website Evaluations, and Accessibility Studies. To find out more details about our services, follow the links that have been provided for you in our navigation bar located across the top of each page.  There are also a set of links in the header to get more information about our company.

We have strong capabilities in the training of individuals and/or staff, with many types and styles of information and technology.  Our training sessions are prepared and presented in timely response to initial requests.

Our business also provides consultancy for travel destinations and/or individuals in relationship to accessibility issues for travelers with disabilities.  This not only includes information about the built environment but the digital environment as well.

We are a young company established in 2005, by individuals with over 70 years of combined experience in serving the technical and travel needs of individuals with disablities.

If you are interested in our services. You may contact the manager for further information at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .